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im bi and i still have sex with girls but mostly its with men these days. When I was younger I'd often dream about an older guy bringing me into his home and training me to be his boy forever. I don't really know but I have always liked them older, I don't think I've ever done anything serious with someone younger then me, I'd say I am 17 now, I've been gay pretty much all my life and hardly dare saying how long I've been sexually active I dunno I just need an older guy... Someone who may be in need of a father figure and to be cared for and loved by someone a bit older... Im 18 now but I always had this crazy addiction for older men. I love to dress up in sexy lingerie for older men, and model for them. Finally looking for a mature daddy 60 that needs a sub bottom for hot play. the best sex I have ever had was with a 33 year old who could **** me for 2 hours straight. I had just gotten out of a lengthy relationship with a girl, and although I felt I was ready to put myself back on the market, so to speak - I wasn't ready to replace my ex just yet. Just to put things in perspective, I'm a 24 year old male.

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How could you show an interest like that when you were eleven or twelve... One night he asked me to spend the night and i agreed. I am 72 years old and only recently realised I like men much mor than women John I was terribly horny yesterday, so stopped off at my favourite adult theatre here in Toronto on my way home.I still wasn’t sure if I had enough nerve to wear the dress, though. Time flew by and soon I was looking at myself in the full length mirror in my bedroom, “I don’t know if you should wear this…” I kept turning around and looking at how naughty my little 95 pound, five foot two and a half inch body looked in this silky dress. The doorbell rang and I scampered down the hall and opened it. I guess Dick had said something to her about the mood I’ve been in at work lately and that I said I was going to get really wiped out at our party tonight. They live about three miles from me so it wasn’t going to be too far out of their way. When Ruth called at a little after four, I was the only one left.I knew I’d have to work until five because there was a possibility that someone from our largest customer’s office might call and my boss didn’t want to make a big deal about us closing early. I sat at my desk, daydreaming about the dress I’d found on the Internet. It has spaghetti straps that criss-cross in the back, which is bare from the waist up.

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