Xp stopped updating

If you can’t find a specific reference to your problem, running through the following checklist stands a good chance of resolving the problem for you.This checklist is also usually the best approach to troubleshooting some specific Stop messages, such as 0x0A and 0x50.

Dont blame ubuntu or grub, at least they include windows I have a problem with Grub2.Insert a Win 98 CD or a DOS floppy disk in the computer go to C: and run fdisk /MBR.After reboot the computer will start automatically in Windows system With System Rescue Cd, at the cd startup: rescuecd root=auto then: grub-install /dev/sda change rescuecd with rescue64 if 64bit system and sda with the disk letter if different.Some general troubleshooting principles are suggested in the Resource Kit for approaching STOP messages overall.Hey thanks, Number 2 this was the only tutorial that worked.

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