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Although there are a lot of single men in Cap d'Agde which are drawn to the attractions of the beach, the sex and the nightlife, at this site, we focus mainly on the swingerscouples.So when we are talking about swingers, we are referring to swingercouples who are having some kind of sexual contact with other swingers couples. It can be as innocent as just watching another couple having sex.So to explain this technically: the swingers-man from couple-A is penetrating the swingers-woman from couple-B, while the swingers-woman from couple-A is being penetrated by the swingers-man from couple-B. If both partners enjoy sex, swinging has advantages.Not only both benefit that they can enjoy sex with another sex partner without getting in trouble with your own partner.

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During daytime the difference between a hairy intimate part and a bold one, can be spotted from miles away, so to speak.Moreover there are a lot of places where swingers can hang out and meet other swingers.In these places you have a very big chance (we would estimate over 80 %) that the other couples are swingers too and now the only thing you have to do is to find a nice attractive couple, who finds you also attractive as couple.We cannot tell what is the percentage of pure nudists/ naturists and what is the percentage of swingers (who also are being nude often during the daytime).But we believe, there are more nudists/ naturists in Cap d'Agde than there are swingers But sometimes it is hard to tell.

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