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The theme of women on a balcony overseen by watchful, somewhat threatening male companions strongly engaged Goya, who treated this subject in a painting now in a private collection. "Tableaux exposés dans les salons de l'ancien asile de Pau appartenant aux héritiers de feu Mgr l'Infant don Sébastien de Bourbon et Bragance," September 1876, no.

Dating from about 1810, the latter is among Goya's masterpieces.

"Diamond Jubilee Exhibition: Masterpieces of Painting," November 4, 1950–February 11, 1951, no.

"Spanish Painting," March 16–April 27, 1941, unnumbered cat.?

"Goya in The Metropolitan Museum of Art," September 12–December 31, 1995, unnumbered cat.

"La collection Havemeyer: Quand l'Amérique découvrait l'impressionnisme...," October 20, 1997–January 18, 1998, no.

300, calls it "Two Majos and two Majas looking out of a Balcony" by Goya; notes that the picture hangs in the Gallery of the Infante Don Sebastián in Madrid, whose collection was returned to him "a few years since" from the Museo National, where it had hung after being confiscated by the crown; observes that the Infante is "himself a good painter". "Sa biographie, les fresques, les toiles, les tapisseries, les eaux-fortes et le catalogue de l'oeuvre." Goya. 90, calls this picture and the version in the collection of the duc de Montpensier [now Rothschild] "complétement authentiques"; believes a third version in the Salamanca collection [later Groult, now Pezzoli] was probably painted by Alemsa [sic, for Leonardo Alenza].

Catalogue des principaux tableaux des musées d'Espagne.

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