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In episodes such as "Hot Garbage", Beast Weed is shown to be messy, but sees it as beauty.

Quick with his tongue but utterly insecure, Beast Boy will do anything for a laugh. He enjoys pulling pranks on people, and he can't seem to tell when he's gone too far, as shown in "Ghost Boy".In an attempt to save Beast Boy's life, his parents, who are scientists, used an untested serum drug on him.While the drug cured him of the virus, it came at a cost.In the latter's case, he went as far as trying to marry Raven.However, both times he seems to move on rather quickly after their respective relationships ended, although his affections for Terra are still strong when she returns in "Be Mine" and later in "Rocks and Water", but however, he soon after seems to show no more further interest in her as the series processes.

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