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As his wife Tricia recalls, "The Dodgers' front office was at Waymon's funeral and heard Emme sing there -- all day long I kept thinking that my father-in-law would have gotten such a kick out of her getting 'discovered' at his funeral."Well, Emme nailed it with a soaring "land of the free" as Dave beamed and raised his arms in celebration.

Then the right-handed Cole, who has baseball dreams of his own, went out to the mound and threw a perfect strike to his left-handed father/catcher. "This season has been a real blessing for all of us, but especially for my mom," Roberts says.

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There's been so much this season that I could have told him about."There was the April call-up of rookie Cody Bellinger that jump-started the offense.

Not only how to play -- how you had to take on 3-0, how you had to lay down a bunt -- but also how to dress for BP and how to represent the team."My main job with Dave was to turn him into a major league outfielder. You have to set an example.'"It was in those early years in the Tigers' farm system that Roberts acquired the nickname Doc.

He didn't need much help on offense, but he couldn't throw very well, so we spent a lot of that summer long-tossing."Even then, he had great people skills. There was one time, though, that I had to fine him. The reason had nothing to do with his mental acumen, though he did have that. And that led to Hit Doctor, which was shortened to Doc.

The bridge crosses the Allegheny River, which passes through New York State just below Jamestown, which is where Roberts got his professional start in 1994."We were a Detroit farm team," he says, "but that's where I first learned the Dodger Way.

Our manager was Dave Anderson, the former Dodger shortstop. I found out I could actually play professional baseball."As for the drenching, well, what's a little rain when you've defied the odds, the doubters, cancer, subtle prejudice and the vicissitudes of baseball.

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