Who is liquidating ritz camera

The day after, I heard on the radio that their parent company, Ritz, was being liquidated. In the evening I stopped at the store (which had yellow liquidation posters all over its windows).

He said that half of the Ritz Camera stores around the nation will be closing, the Davis branch will not since it makes a great deal money from developing and printing. A sign on the door reads that the store is closing on 7/25/09 and directs customers to the nearest location in downtown Sacramento. According to the person on the telephone and without needing to know what was wrong with it, I was told that to send a malfunctioning camera away will take 6-8 weeks and cost at least 0-0. York really great service from their new manager, named alex, who is transferring to UCD soon.I was in Venice during last year’s holiday season – a family reunion of sorts.I did not suspect that it would be the last time that I would have Kodak film processed by Wolf Camera (a local brand of the Ritz Camera empire). Is there a better subject than Venice to illustrate the decline and fall of the glorious.As for Kodak, they announced a few weeks ago that they were planning on selling their consumer film business. The city used to rule the Eastern Mediterranean world but today it has lost all of its influence and most of its inhabitants. But it still lives and keeps on inspiring writers, musicians and all other sorts of artists. As strange as it may sound I had never owned – or even used – a Canon SLR before. It’s likely the buyer will have the right to use the Kodak name – at least for a few transitional years, so there will still be Kodak film on store shelves for a while, even if it will only be very remotely connected to the Yellow Grandfather.

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