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Leaked photos of Nude Ariel Winter The Fappening part 2!Ariel Winter is a young 18 year old buxom American actress, voice actress and singer, known for her role Alex Dunphy in the Comedy series “American family”.Luke helps her discover her true identity as the real Natasha, and Helena uses this to force Alexis to aid her in an attempt to wrest control of the Cassadine empire from Stefan, in turn giving Alexis the princess birthright she deserved.

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Sonny went on to save her life when she, Zander, Sonny and Emily Quartermaine were attacked by a rival mafia family. A distraught Carly is in a car accident, and Alexis encourages Sonny to return to his wife.

Kristina learns the truth, but is critically injured in a warehouse explosion meant for Sonny, and decides to keep her sister's secret before dying.

At Kristina's memorial service, the devastated Alexis berates Sonny, Jason, and Roy Di Lucca, and reminds Sonny that her "Cassadine ancestors were ruling countries when his were toiling in the fields with the other peasants." Alexis gives birth to a very premature baby girl, whom she names Kristina.

Alexis falls in love with Ned Ashton, but marries Jasper "Jax" Jacks as part of a convoluted plan to help her best friend Chloe Morgan save her company.

Chloe eventually loses her company, and Alexis and Jax divorce.

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