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A wily thief named Selina Kyle (Anne Hathaway) draws the Batman out of hiding by robbing Bruce Wayne, but it's the appearance of the masked terrorist Bane (Tom Hardy) in Gotham that sets off a firestorm of events that ultimately forces Batman to consider how much he's really willing to sacrifice in order to save Gotham City.

The antics of Hertfordshire housemates used to draw in the viewers, but this summer a Mallorca villa and its bikini-clad lodgers have dominated the TV habits of a nation.

ITV2's Love Island has become the surprise TV hit of the summer, crushing the ratings when it airs nightly at 9pm and even captivating the likes of the British Lions rugby squad and Liam Gallagher.

Mail Online features on the show also soar into the most-read lists daily.

Host Caroline Flack presides over weekly recouplings which see the girls and boys take it in turns to choose who to pair up with, and crucially who they'll be sharing a bed with in the dorm room for the next few days.

New arrivals enter the villa throughout the series to test loyalties and shake up the couplings.

Last Sunday night saw Big Brother's viewing figures plunge to 690,000 viewers, while ITV2's offering soared to an audience of 1.5 million.

And social media is following suit with the UK trending list flooded with the show's hashtag and contestants names nightly.

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