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He played a Civil War widower who owns a plantation and has 5 children…and they filmed at Tuckahoe Plantation, the same home in which the Logan family lived. The series is called Point of Honor and will stream to Amazon Prime subscribers beginning January 15th!Here’s what we know about the pilot so far: At the start of the Civil War, a Virginia family, led by their West Point …But with his reply Jesus is rejecting the caricature the Sadducees presented of heaven, as if it were going to be a simple continuation of the earthly relationship of the spouses.

Interpreting this saying of Jesus wrongly, some have claimed that marriage will have no follow-up in heaven.This is a good occasion in which to turn our attention toward both the widows and the widowers of today.If the Bible speaks so often of widows and never of widowers it is because in ancient society the woman who was left alone was at a greater disadvantage than the man who was left alone. Actually, in general it now seems that women who are alone manage much better than men.According to this vision, marriage does not come to a complete end at death but is transfigured, spiritualized, freed from the limits that mark life on earth, as also the ties between parents and children or between friends will not be forgotten.In a preface for the dead the liturgy proclaims: "Life is transformed, not taken away." Even marriage, which is part of life, will be transfigured, not nullified.

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