Validating the acceptability of a software product american sex live webcam

UAT is yes ultimately done by the "paying" customer.

However, it is most of time first done by a QA person that is "good" with testing and "trying" to break the the system and looking for all the "little" things BEFORE the "paying" customer gets their hands on it.

A functional test tests that the system meets predefined requirements.

It is carried out and checked by the people responsible for developing the system. Ideally the users will say what they want to test but in practice it is likely to be a sunset of a functional test as users don't invest enough time.

Software could also fail some functional tests, but pass acceptance testing because the customer is willing to deal with some functional bugs as long as the software does the core things they need acceptably well (beta software will often be accepted by a subset of users before it is completely functional).So they do not allow to type 1 as first word in the comment but they allow "plus 1" :).So functionally, they failed to test this properly :).This is when we test our "ilities": This is by no means standard, and I don't think there is a "standard" definition, as the conflicting answers here demonstrate.The most important thing for your organization is that you define these terms precisely, and stick to them.

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