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the native is publicly perceived to be well-connected socially and, if other factors conspire, well-connected conceptually through possession of philosophical, scientific, and cosmological understanding.Periods of Surya bring goal achievement and emphasis on strong-willed and egocentric personalities who are players in one's social network.than might be expected for the intelligent and well-educated Thula native.One may develop an excellent professional career and develop many types of worth both social and spiritual; however the total income will be lesser than normal compared to others with similar educational level and same broad scope of social connection.

gains, achievements, income, networks, connections, development, opportunity, friends, mentors the bosses' family, The treasuries of the governmentwriting and discussions (3) about religion (9) stability (4) following emergencies (8),children (5) from the first partner (7), winnings (5)of partnership (7)servitude (6) and debt of servants (6), spouse (7) of the eldest child (5)hidden wealth (8) of the parents (4)wisdom (9) from conversations and narrative texts (3)the social rank (10) of the family history(2)social connections via the fleshly genetic appearance,dissolution (12) of privacy (12) Intelligence Career, Ability to Govern, Creating an Orderly Environment Marriage, Partnership, Peer and Advising Relationships Surya Vriddhipathi-11 = enemy of lagnesha Zukra Surya Vriddhipathi-11 = enemy of Shani the natural 11th lord For Thula, especially during the major Vimshottari periods of Surya, problematic persons and behaviors include: Father * Surya = pitri-karaka Father is related to matters of bhava-11 including community activism, social-participation organizations, economic systems, income, earnings, friendship networks, distributive and associative linkages.

If what you really want is to sell your art, then steer clear of art contests. 1.) These enterprises charge hefty sums of money and you get little to nothing in return, and yet you pay for that privilege. 3.) Art contests harden the scarcity and permission based mindset which is the biggest self-limiting obstacle to an artist’s success.

4.) Competing with other artists fuels toxic and petty jealousy.

Despite a normally modest income, Thula-1 is generally advised to prevent their earnings from becoming politicized or attracting too much attention (Surya).

Labha bhava = dissolution of privacy (12th from 12th).

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