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Hyper Terminal connections are made using a modem, a null modem cable (used to emulate modem communication), or an Ethernet connection.Hyper Terminal has capabilities beyond making connections to other computers.Look at this comment of Ben Hillis @benhillis - https://github.com/Microsoft/Bash On Windows/issues/1724#issuecomment-282420193 Now each time when you will use Without installed themes for hyper this will looks like this: Themes and other plugins for Hyper Terminal you can find here https://github.com/bnb/awesome-hyper.I use hyper-material-theme theme by Mattia Astorino @equinusocio.Please strive to make plugins that don't require a complete restart of the application to work. We put the user in control of the loading in this way to prevent them from losing critical work by extensions that reset state or don't preserve it correctly.We give you the ability to provide a higher order component for every piece of the property to the decorated component to get a reference to its instance.The goal of the project is to create a beautiful and extensible experience for command-line interface users, built on open web standards.In the beginning, our focus will be primarily around speed, stability and the development of the correct API for extension authors. Instead of exposing a custom API method or parameter for every possible customization point, we allow you to intercept and compose every bit of functionality!

For more information, start Hyper Terminal, click Help, and then click Help Topics.

Hyper Terminal also has scroll functionality that enables you to view received text that has scrolled off the screen.

Note Hyper Terminal is designed to be an easy-to-use tool yet it is not meant to replace other full-featured tools.

For this article you need to have Windows 10 x64 Version 1607 Build 14393 or higher and installed

If you have installed Windows 10 Build Less Than 16215: First, you need to install Windows Subsystem for Linux. In more detail, this parts is described in Installation Guide on the Microsoft Official Website.

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