Updating fontconfig cache

~]$ ip route default via dev eth0 proto static metric 1024 dev ens9 proto kernel scope link src dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src The default route can thus be indicated by means of the GATEWAY directive and can be specified either globally or in interface-specific configuration files.

Specifying the gateway globally has certain advantages in static networking environments, especially if more than one network interface is present.

Special input URL types are available to read input from a variety of sources other than disk files. For example, the alternative syntax will consider an argument following the option a filename. If an option changes and its parameter becomes optional, then a command line using the alternative syntax will break.

Depending on platform, a variety of different video and audio output methods are supported. Currently, the parser makes no difference whether an option starts with It gets more complicated if the suboption parser is involved.

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There is also the GATEWAYDEV directive, which is a global option.

Usage examples to get you started quickly can be found at the end of this man page. The suboption parser puts several options into a single string, and passes them to a component at once, instead of using multiple options on the level of the command line.

mpv has a fully configurable, command-driven control layer which allows you to control mpv using keyboard, mouse, or remote control (there is no LIRC support - configure remotes as input devices instead). The suboption parser can quote strings with to the command line (but without shell processing of the string).

Therefore, it is often not necessary to configure static routes on Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers or clients.

Exceptions include traffic that must pass through an encrypted VPN tunnel or traffic that should take a specific route for reasons of cost or security.

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