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It is very confusing for the developers when working with states in ASP. This article will help to understand how practically we should use these. NET it is very important to understand and use the various states maintenance techniques available. NET requests is very important from the application perspective.

Stateless Nature of Web application Web applications run on HTTP protocols and this HTTP protocol is stateless in nature, meaning it does not remember state or retain any state between requests and responses.

Advantages of State Server Mode: SQL Server Session Mode When the Session mode of an ASP.

NET application is set by SQL Server then the session variables are being stored in the SQL Server database.

Web application Processing Whenever a web application is compiled, the entire source code of the project is compiled into an intermediate language and generates an output assembly that is a DLL residing in the bin folder of the project directory.

Off If an application has no requirement or need for session state then it's very important to use the off mode. Advantages of In Proc: Where to Use In Proc mode is best suited for the application that is hosted on a single server and mid size use base or the session variable used is not big, to avoid data loss and scalability issues.

Session ID is nothing but a property to uniquely identify a browser with session data on the server. NET and stored in a non-expiring session cookie in the browser.

The Session ID value is then sent in a cookie with each request to the ASP. Definition Reference: MSDN Dear friends, unfortunately I am not explaining much about cookies here but it is important to spend some time for cookies also.

If the session mode is Inproc and cookieless=true then: The Session id will be sent as part of the URL in every request and if the session id is removed or changed it will be taken as a new request. Here are the various session modes available in ASP. Each mode has a different behavior in a web application. Guys, It is very important to understand about the session modes when you are working with an ASP. NET functionality runs within the scope of this process.

IDSession Modes Session modes explain how session variables are being stored, in other words what storage type is used by the variable and what is their behavior. NET application with session variables as state management techniques. Basically session variables are stored in the executable that is an IIS worker process.

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