Updating a sequence

Everytime Server name is updated, all parameters has to be setup again. Remember to update the configuration in the top of the script.

It does the following: # //*************************************************************************** # // Solution: Configuration Manager MDT # // Author: Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen , CTGlobal.

This is not new but I’ve learned about it last week 🙂 from one of developers when reviewing codes with them for the plan to change the sequence’s current value.

Normally I would drop the sequence and create it with START WITH to a new desired number.

Task Sequence, $Task Sequence Package) -verbose Twitter: @Jakob GSvendsen Jakob Gottlieb Svendsen is a Microsoft Cloud and Data Center Management MVP ( Working as Global Lead Developer, Senior Consultant and Trainer at CTGlobal, where he is one of the driving forces in keeping CTGlobal a System Center Gold Partner and member of the System Center Alliance.

Since he started at Coretech in 2007, he has focused on Scripting and Development, primarily developing tools, extensions and scripts for the System Center Suite.

NEXTVAL goes below MINVALUE and cannot be instantiated Very helpful.

'.nextval from dual' INTO l_value; -- Set the increment back to 1 execute immediate 'alter sequence '

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