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Abul Muhammad Ruwaym ex- plains the real features of ‘Tasawwuf: Wi “Tasawwuf is based on three qualities: a tena- cious attachment to poverty and indigene; a pro- found sense of sacrifice and renunciation; and absence of self-observation and personal voli- tion ** The effaccmcnt of all human desires and individual qualities takes place and the veil of the unreal self is lifted. "I stood before the Presence and cried, “ford God'. After realisation of the state of annihilation of all human attributes, a Sufi’s soul experiences the state ol Godhead. the Sufi realises that he is other than the rest of the creation and that God had detached him from the world from His revelation. The real devotees of God abstain from all kinds of formal ceremonies and ritu- als Abu’l-Hasan al-Khorqam says; "The Sufi is not 4 Sufi in virtue of patched clonk and piaycr-carpet.

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Shaikh Abu Sa’id Abu’l-Khayr explains this quality of Sufi’s unceasing concentration of God in these words. The being of the Sufi is veiled for those who have their being in the visible world. In other words, a Sufi's ex- istence transcends the existence of everything and hence his existence speaks for itself " A Sufi is a day that needs no sun, a night that needs no moon or star and a non-being that needs no being “ says Abu'l-Hasan al-Khuraqni. Philosophically, the Sufi concentrates on his ego and differenti- ates between its outward qualities and inward manifestations, experiences a true relationship between himself and God. looks forward for the annihilation of his human qualities and thus be- comes conscious of Godly attributes and his subsistence in the Creative Truth.

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