Twitter dating app what company is liquidating circuit city

For a dating app that centers on what you can't stand, Hater is sure getting a lot of love lately.

The app, which launched in February, scored a 0,000 investment from superstar businessman Mark Cuban on Sunday night’s episode of appearance resulted in — isn’t the only win the fledgling dating app has scored lately.

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If you've never heard of the dating app Bumble, you've most likely heard of the concept behind it, at least: Download an app, make a profile, then swipe through photos of potential mates.

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Our public service allows you to create realtime chat rooms based on twitter hashtag.Sweet Capital, an investment fund founded by the executives behind Candy Crush, put 0,000 into Hater this summer.Alper said this backing was crucial in helping them launch the Android version, which debuted just three days ago.Alper said the focus is now "on being available for everyone, not just single people in big cities." He added, “As a dating app, we’ve always wanted to be the most fun.” That means pushing deeper into the social space and adding gaming elements so people have other ways to interact, instead of just looking for dates.They've already started testing features like "Roast of the Day," which allows users to vent together about a given topic.

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