Tvtorrents credits not updating

Bad news is about Sc L – this elusive private tracker which suffered from extended downtime in the past couple of months has decided to finally call it quits.

The site has officially shut down and a lengthy news post on homepage explains the story in detail.

And as mentioned earlier, we were really far behind on the coding front – so we simply didn’t have a function to mass email our users.

However – thanks to mrstonedone (who is actually not a site coder, but an IRC coder) we managed to make a function like this to finally inform you guys about what’s going on. As tragic and sad as it may be – It’s time for Sc L to shut down.

In the past 7 months – Sc L’s owner and coder SScript has been really inactive.

Other reasons for us giving you guys information about the sites status this late was that SScript removed the domain since he realized that we are against him now.This tracker is going to be a magnificent tracker – including a reckless design, a magnificent community, and the one thing Sc L always missed – LOTS OF TORRENTS.We’ve got sponsors for this project and we got a really nice budget to work our way around. Last but not least – We would like to say that our time as staffers on this tracker has been great and we’ve had a lot of fun serving this community.Even though we’ve had our ups and downs, it has been a pleasure to be staffers of a community this amazing.We will surely miss our fine members and we would like to wish you the best of luck in life.

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