Turbo lister not updating

Those days email and website were all new and fascinating.

My father bought our first desktop so I can do my research at home.

I thought it would be very difficult to concentrate on both things.

BUT to be honest today when I look back, I feel that I enjoyed doing both college and NIIT together.) During the 3 year period, I learned different languages like C Sharp, C, C , Java, and dot Net.

It was the first time I was introduced to the world of internet.

I started researching what internet has to offer and how it works.

After 12th standard, my father enrolled me in a short computer course from NIIT to develop new skills and polish my old skills.

For this reason, I was in look out for some kind group which would help me expand my scope of knowledge in Word Press.My father had advised me that if after one year I was not happy with my IT job, I can quit and pursue Banking career.I got an assignment to change the look and feel of Word Press dashboard.It was either clashing with shopping or work or outing with friends or something or the other.Finally, after months I found one interesting topic, and in the comments section, they had mentioned that it will be a beginner level workshop. I rescheduled all my plans so I could attend the meetup. I told my friend that I am taking a U-turn and going home.

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