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The grants to the same individual frequently included property in many different parts of the country.

There were exceptional cases: for example, most of the grants to Bishop Odo were in Kent.

Over time, the territorial allocation became ever more disjointed as holdings were transferred between families either by sale, inheritance or marriage portion.

Two companion documents show the families of earls whose earldoms were created between 11, and between 12.

This is not unlike the situation in Germany, where titles were rarely linked to a particular territory before the early 12th century.

By the 1140s there are signs that titles were becoming more closely linked to the counties.

Under a charter dated [1142], Empress Matilda conceded that Aubrey de Vere should be "Earl of Cambridgeshireunless that county were held by the King of the Scots, [or in the latter case] one of Earl of Oxfordshire, Berkshire, Wiltshire or Dorsetshire".

This example also demonstrates that availability played a large part in the attribution of a county to a new title.

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