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It’s basically like Whats App, but also allows calls to landlines and web-based calls to non-users. Also, includes games, public chats, and calls to mobiles and landlines.

If you make a lot of international calls, Viber is a massively popular ad-free option, available on most platforms including the desktop (on Mac and Linux, too).

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Again, simply pick a room name, get a unique URL, then share this URL with up to 15 people.

And if you’re worried about privacy, you can “lock” your call to prevent anyone else from joining if they somehow found your unique link.

Like Whats App, you can make domestic and international calls too.

For something much simpler than Skype, a service like might be for you. Since its launch just a few short years ago, Google Hangouts has rapidly grown to rival Skype in terms of user numbers while, according to many, surpassing Skype’s call quality.

If you want something with even more features, try out Viber. A direct competitor to Skype, offering free user-to-user calls and (mostly) free calls within the U. While you could use Hangouts as just another messaging app, that’s the last thing we need.

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