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Your heart will be broken a few times and you will feel like you cannot survive the loss, but you will.In fact, you will not be married when you hit your 30s, but will be in a relationship you hope will eventually get there… You will work at a really crappy job that you hate and then you will be unemployed for 13 months before landing your dream job.You will deal with feelings of jealousy, depression, inadequacy, and hopelessness at times, but will emerge from each situation with resilience, a greater capacity to love, and the understanding that your story is your story and not anyone else’s.This knowledge, plus good friends to encourage you along the way, will bring you peace.Leah La Rocco | Women You Should Know As I grew up, there were certain things in life I was made ready for.My parents lovingly prepared me for milestones such as my first day of school.You can read more about Leah’s adventures in life and perspectives on people, places, and things on her personal blog Edges Like Sea Glass.

You have been blessed with the most wonderful friends!

You will go to Italy and love it so much that you decide to learn the language one day. And through all of these situations when you question where your life is going and wonder if you made a big fat mistake, you will feel blessed by the love you have in your life.

Facebook will constantly make you wonder if something is wrong with you. There will be moments when you stand looking out your kitchen window thinking back over the years and catch your breath at the treasures that exist in your life.

Then down the road some of the marriages devastatingly fall apart and you become a shoulder to cry on because you are still unmarried and know what it’s like to be alone.

All of these are very meaningful happenings in the lives of those we love and care about, but we are rarely prepared for the emotions that flood our hearts when we realize their lives are moving forward and ours seem to be standing still.

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