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The sweat was dripping off my brown hair onto the asphalt, and sadly my parents weren't home, I was locked out.I am a pretty muscular kid for my age and pretty tall.I told her to turn around and she followed my command.I couldn't get over how nice her round tight ass was.She saw me dripping at her doorway and invited me in to get a cold glass of water. "I'll be in the shower, make yourself at home." The thought of this hot mom in the shower made me get hard, and i had an urge to wank.

Her hair laid perfectly on her shoulders and her tits were busting through her shirt, 34C.

It felt o great that I didn't even hear the water shut off, it was so smooth that silk thong.

The door opened, my head was back then all i heard was " Oh my god, what are you doing with my thong?

You're doing it all wrong." My head looked up at her in puzzlement.

SHe walked over in nothing but a white, cotton towel over herself.

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