Tasty dates dating

Then comes the rich, honey butter cream center to sweeten the deal.Any Francophile will tell you that these macarons give the Parisians a run for their euro.

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The combination of tart apple with sweet honey and hot melted cheese will satisfy every one of your taste buds.

Occurring every year over Labor Day weekend, the Greek Festival brings the best of the Aegeans to the Greek Orthodox Cathedral on High and Goodale.

Get the gyro and a bottle of Mythos Greek beer to enjoy as you watch traditional Greek dancing, or join in the dance yourself. Honorable mention: Loukoumades Disclaimer: Bakersfield is a Cincinnati import.

Ask for the secret menu and you’ll almost be wishing the Eighteenth Amendment was back on the books. Central to Downtown Columbus, the North Market draws businessmen and businesswomen on their lunch breaks, families out for lunch, romantic pairs on first or twenty-first dates, and foodies hunting down the hard-to-find ingredients they’ve been looking for.

At the end of the day, Columbus is still in the Midwest, so there had to be something deep fried on this list.

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