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Softly striking, a few times, and then harshly striking me, hitting my clit, Ms. Your naughty submissive intern, Emma Twitter and Tumblr Steamier Blogs are Here! Here I was naked and exposed, and she could see how red I was. I watched her walking towards me with the sound of her 5-inch heels clicking on the floor, and my heart felt like it was about to burst. She took the flogger between my legs and brushed the inside of my thighs.

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I think he thought I would fake it but little did that pathetic fucking pervert realize he was in for a “treat”.When I answered, the sound of sex was already obvious in my voice. Whenever my boyfriend felt I was talking too much that’s exactly what he would do to send me over the edge.When cumming I completely forgot the cuckolded pervert was even still there. Slipping in half coherent insults between waves of orgasms. The day has been full of good cheer with tons of presents, a delicious dinner, wonderful family, and friends. Now we are both enjoying this peaceful moment as we reflect on the day and snuggle together on the sofa. It is Christmas night, and we are finally all alone, lover.

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