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One is using subversion function over Web Dav and another is subversion server using specific protocol. Step1: Install subversion package [Web Dav] sudo apt-get install subversion subversion-helper-scripts subversion-tools sudo apt-get install apache2 libapache2-svn Step2: Create repository folder & bind it to subversion. Can I put that url a browser address bar or File Explorer? Hi, I've followed all of the instructions here, but I get a "Malformed network data" error when I try to create a new repository location from eclipse. I'm using svn://localhost for my repository location. It is better to create the new repository (svnadmin create) with --fs-type=fsfs.

I created a user 'svn' and chown'ed the svn directory to svn and used user = svn in the svnserve conf file. If you are using subversion and eclipse (and subclipse), and would like to access a local repository using the file:// protocol then you need to install libsvn-javahl. I read somewhere to encrypt it using perl but I tried that and it didn't work.

Attached is the Help-Installation Details screen on the machine where Subclipse is working: Am I missing some installed software to make Subclipse work correctly with a client svn version of 1.6.11 with a server svn version of 1.7.14?

Subversion (also known as SVN) is a broadly used version control system.

# All the modified or additional information will be updated on this post in order for everyone to get alwasys up-to date information. Here is the how-to for setting up the subversion client with eclipse and the server. Interrupted commit operations do not cause repository inconsistency or corruption.

# After you've done this, some of you might need tomcat5 Apache2 set up. Hope this will help you more productive coding : D First of all, regarding "Subversion" For more detail, please refer to Here is the snipet about the difference between CVS & Subversion. * Renamed/copied/moved/removed files retain full revision history. This reduces unnecessary network traffic to the repository host.

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