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According to one survey, only 20 percent of women in the US consider themselves feminists. Because women are seeing the feminist movement as angry and blaming men for women’s challenges.

In another New York Times survey, results showed that only 18 percent of Americans consider themselves feminists, however, 85 percent claimed they believe in ‘equality for women’.

Your life will be rich with sisters, women who will be your friends, your support, those who understand you and love you.

While men will also love and support you, you will need your sisters in life. To be a woman is to be inclusive, compassionate, strong and kind. We are the creators of life; we’re wild, magic beings of unfettered power, and it’s up to women to lead the way and hold up the torch of our highest self.

While they have a familial bond, there is a bond that is so much more than that. I told them, you are part of something far greater than yourselves and you must enter this sacred movement with gratitude, reverence and love.Considering that believing in equality for women makes you a feminist, this is interesting, if not a little disturbing, especially in the light of increased violence against women.But what is most mystifying is the vitriol anti-feminist women are spouting towards feminists.We’ve settled because we don’t truly believe we deserve more. We are society’s conscience and the world needs us more than ever. Powerful women wear big girl panties – they are self-responsible, they call the shots in their own lives and take the fallout when they fail or make bad decisions.Women have been propping up men and male systems for centuries, in the shadows behind powerful men, having their talents unacknowledged or stifled while we are portrayed as less than men, and only good as sexual objects or mothers. When you don’t objectify yourself and allow yourself to be objectified, especially sexually, you have agency, choice and power.

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