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Rathmines is one of Dublin’s more cosmopolitan and livelier suburbs.Dubbed ‘Flatland’ by the media due to the glut of cheap rental accommodation available, the area has long been popular with students, young office workers and immigrants.Fancy clobber can be bought in Genius and Cyan, both in the Swan Centre but if you fancy something a little more outré, then you can always head to Miss Behavin….All sectors of society are well catered for here; Toast and The Madison Bar for the townies– both do a decent cocktail - Mother Reilly’s and Slattery’s for the old-school and if you often find yourself donning a GAA top then Rody Bolands is most definitely the place for you.However there are some excellent sit-down restaurants as well.Rathmines is well catered for in the supermarket department, so take your pick from Tesco, Dunnes and Aldi.I guess it’s because I don’t want to be more limited than I already am.

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Almost all amenities are situated along the Lower and Upper Rathmines Road.Blackberry Fair is a weekend bric-a-brac market on the Lower Rathmines Road.Open from 11 am to 6pm, Saturday and Sunday, it sells what may look like a load of old tat but root through it for an hour or two and who knows what you may find.Of course, it does, very gradually, as one inhabits the seconds and space between the seconds with perception—basic phenomenology.In my case, the flight is a stringently enforced “Be Here Now” regime, trying to make the present real and essential, not to keep counting and playing with the numbers: yay!

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