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He has responsibility within IBI Group for transportation planning, travel demand forecasting, transportation-related environmental assessments, travel demand forecasting, toll traffic and revenue studies, and rapid transit/LRT and road/highway design.

Bruce’s experience includes major studies across North America and in the rapidly developing cities of the Middle East.

He is involved in every project phase and has a reputation for effectively leading large, complex teams and creating sustainable solutions for clients.

His commitment to thoughtful strategic planning encourages industry leadership.

She is experienced at managing large teams in the design and construction of healthcare facilities, and applies her in-depth knowledge in the development and implementation of design processes, schedules and protocols to assist in the management, and coordination of projects.

Notable projects include the Queen Elizabeth University & Royal Hospital for Children and the Peterborough City Hospital, which was successfully delivered three months early.

Spread across over 60 cities, our team is a global collective of urban experts in design, architecture, engineering, civil, transportation, urban geography, real estate, landscape, communications, software development and so much more.

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Emma is a confident leader, successfully managing complex supply chain and stakeholder groups.

Brad Hughes is a Registered Architect with 30 years of experience in institutional, commercial and educational projects.

He is responsible for the complete delivery of the project and has provided design, planning and construction management for hundreds of projects ranging from new facilities, additions, renovations, and historic preservation.

Creative and innovative solutions are needed to address today's transportation challenges, but they need to be cost-effective, tied to our goals, and supported by technical analyses rooted in common sense. Bruce Mori has more than 20 years of consulting experience that spans the globe.

He specializes in transportation systems planning and travel demand forecasting for major metropolitan areas and Landmark Events with a focus on rapid transit systems, integrated transportation land use planning, and sustainable transportation principles.

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