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From the first rumblings nearly two years ago, the unveiling at the Mac Tool Fair in February, to their finally hitting the trucks in the last couple of months, the Axis Series have been one of the most anticipated hand tool releases in recent memory. well, as anticipated as these ratchets were for consumers, they were and even bigger deal for Mac.The Axis Series is the latest addition in a major revamp of the Mac Tools line.

To be clear, the reverse fork and dual hub gear work together in creating one of the toughest ratchets in the market.” While that satisfies our curiosity about the reverse fork design, it begs yet another question, what’s a “dual hub” gear?That’s not to say the previous ratchets were bad, they were tough rats with years of proven reliability under their belt, but they were lower tooth count, acceptably but not overly smooth, and failed to really stand out in today’s market where finer tooth counts have become the standard.They may be a little late to the party, but the Axis Series ratchets have finally arrived.24-36 tooth designs were pretty much the standard of yesteryear, but as engine compartments and work areas got smaller, the need for a compact head design and low swing arc grew larger.With the smooth operation and low swing arc of top shelf ratchets like the Snap-On Dual 80 and Matco 88, Mac lacked a signature fine tooth ratchet to compete.

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