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And that’s because it’s something we’ve already struggled with in a different context for much of our lives.At conception, a twin’s first identity is as a pair.I couldn’t believe my new friends could really know me without meeting my brother.It was only once I began to get a better sense of my own interests — taking writing classes, identifying as a climate activist — that I felt my identity as a twin receding to the background of who I was.

Especially in childhood, maintaining closeness and harmony between twins can be hard work.

The two of us can speak from direct experience: Barbara has an identical twin sister and Amanda has a fraternal twin brother, and we’ve both spent much of our lives fielding questions about what it’s like to share a life with someone you once shared a womb with.

We’ve also spent plenty of time thinking about the source of all this intrigue: What is it, exactly, that people find so fascinating about twins?

Growing up as a twin, then, sets you up for a lifetime of dating just a little bit differently." data-reactid="22"In other words, twins have to learn early on how to navigate conflict in a way that most people don’t — which often means that they’re better equipped from an early age to form and sustain close relationships.

One 2012 study, for instance, found that twins who had a strong bond with each other also reported more intimate relationships with others.

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