Should you meet parents dating

“Be sure you're both serious about your relationship and committed to each other,” Battista says.If you see a future with your guy (one that has potential to go beyond graduation) and he’s also in it for the long haul, don’t be afraid to take that next step.However, you’ll have to use your own judgment to determine when the two of you are comfortable and ready.

Battista agrees that if either your boyfriend or your parents have expressed interest in meeting the other, then it’s probably time to arrange a meeting.It’s natural to be curious about important people in a loved one’s life, so mutual interest (or even interest from one party) is a great reason to pop the parent question.Instead of stressing the next time your parents ask about this mystery guy, be happy that they are interested in getting to know someone who is so important to you.It may seem intimidating at first, but you’ll be so relieved when first impressions are out of the way.Plus, being on good terms with each other’s families can make your relationship even stronger.

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