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A third surfer was reportedly knocked off his board at Shelly Beach yesterday as well. Watch the video: UPDATE, 3.45pm: Mates Curran See and Harris Lake, both 18, were waiting for a set at Sharpes Beach about 12.30pm today when they were both attacked by an aggressive white shark. We won't be in tomorrow, But we will be back in there. I think the shark didn't come back for us because we stuck together." ORIGINAL STORY: TWO SURFERS have had a close call with a great white shark while in the water at Skennars Head this afternoon.Dorsal said in that bump incident, an unknown species of shark "bumped surfer from board at North Shelly in Ballina. The former Southern Cross K-12 students were surfing their local break during their gap year, and said they feel they are lucky to be alive. Initial reports are that an 18-year-old man was surfing at Sharpes Beach when he was knocked off his board by the large shark. Both were pushed off their boards by the great white shark.It is very rare for a shark to make repeated attacks and actually feed on a human victim.

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For instance, if you're thrashing around in the water or have reflective clothing or jewelry on, a shark may mistake you for a fellow fish or seal.The Dorsal Northern NSW Shark Reports Facebook page said that DPI Fisheries had advised the shark was detected just before 7.30am. Tagged sharks were also detected at Main Beach at Evans Head and later again at Sharpes Beach.It comes after two local surfers were knocked off their surfboards by a great white shark at Sharpes Beach yesterday afternoon. UPDATE, Tuesday 5.10pm: Two surfers who were knocked off their boards by a great white shark have returned to the scene and explained what happened. "We consider ourselves to be fairly educated when it comes to sharks. "If we want a message to get out there, it's surf in numbers.Fueled by this inquisitiveness, sharks often perform hit-and-runs, which means they take a bite -- rarely lethal -- and swim away [source: Florida Museum of Natural History]. The real danger comes with sneak attacks and bump-and-bites.You won't have any warning signs for a shark sneak attack, hence the name [source: Florida Museum of Natural History].

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