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Mesmerized by her beauty, after becoming emperor, he made her his wife as Mumtaz Mahal, meaning the "Jewel of the Palace".

After the wedding ,the prince and Mumtaz were inseparable, in war and in peace.

When I smell this perfume I think of autumn, when people gather piles of dry leaves and burn them, or of winter somewhere in a rural area, sitting in front of a fireplace with wood burning. It's a little bit too mature for me, I'm more on the youthful side (as in both appearance and personality) and I can't pull off this type of fragrance. There's no other classic masterpiece like this perfume. It´s a breathtaking perfume & it still has something to say.

It's similar, just similar, to Amouage Memoir (they're both very smoky fragrances), but only I like that one better, although I wouldn't be able to pull that off either. I hope that soon I´ll grow up and Shalimar will become my close companion. Out of curiosity, I tried this one in the mall from one of the perfum booths and it was just confirmed my thought.

*BLOND GOES TO THE DOCTOR TO FIND OUT IF SHE IS PREGNANT* Doctor: your pregnant Blond: *smiles* 🙂 Doctor: your having twins Blond: *crys* Doctor: is’ant that good?

Chick: Heaven Awww :’) Guy: No, when you fell from the whore tree and banged every guy on the way down!!

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Blond: i dont know who the father is for the other baby Doctor: LUCKY IM A BRUNETTE !!!!!!!

Shalimar Black Limited Christmas Edition was introduced in 2007 as limited Christmas edition bottle of this classic fragrance. The vintage formulation had an all-contained, "tighter" mousy smell to it.

The perfume composition remains the same, available in parfum and eau de parfum concentrations, in a mysterious, black bottle. It literally smelled like a little living brown mouse, whose shape you could discern from tiny beady nose to furry body to pink bare tail.

I do not think this is an old lady scent and I hate that term so much. Shalimar by Guerlain transports you—or me, rather, in places I’ve never been. Still a dislike, but I will sporadically try it to see if there's any change. Had to wash it off, needless to say it was a ugly off-putting first impression.

I think if you like something and it makes you happy comments like that just don’t matter. I totally agree with those saying it smells very similar to the edc one. A friend recently sent me a decant of the limited edition Mexique version. I dared to try it again several weeks later, and again with a lighter hand and some aspirin close by, the civet note pummeled me again.

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