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There is evidence that sexual bullying is increasing and it is linked to domestic violence and other gender-based violence such as rape and sexual assault.A survey in 2006 by the teenage girls’ magazine 'Sugar' revealed that 45% of teenage girls surveyed had been groped against their wishes.Sexual bullying is any behaviour which degrades someone, singles someone out by the use of sexual language, gestures or violence, and victimising someone for their appearance.Sexual bullying is also pressure to act promiscuously and to act in a way that makes others uncomfortable.We all have a responsibility to teach children and young people to break the barriers of being stereotyped for their gender.

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I wish the centre good luck as you continue to offer vital support with thanks ” Feb 2017 “Thank you so much during my time with you I have felt more focused and able to control my emotions much easier, I have felt comfortable from the get go and the sessions have helped me recognise the guilt and stress is not mine to hang on to.

What these statistics appear to show is that the increasing sexualisation of society can be confusing to young people who are unsure about what is acceptable in sexual activity or how far is ‘too far’.

Sexual bullying can undermine someone's dignity and safety as well as affect their emotional wellbeing and lead to depression, isolation, eating disorders and self-harming.

Sexual bullying is a serious issue that needs to be tackled.

Although there is no official definition, sexual bullying is a behaviour, physical or non-physical, where sexuality or gender is used as a weapon against another.

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