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Forest, with a population of 7,410, is one of the most rural parts of the state, with huge swaths of forest covering its land. Here’s the response I got: “As a citizen I have not noted a shift in Trump support.

The handmade signs — bordering on shrines — are still in place and people still scoff at Democrats and Democratic platform ideals.” The man who responded didn’t want to give his name because he owned a small business.

Trump still got high marks for his handling of the economy and national security, but the rural Americans Reuters spoke to were “increasingly unhappy with Trump’s record on immigration, a central part of his presidential campaign.” In April, Inquirer and Daily News reporter William Bender went out to Potter County, a.k.a.

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It’s all anecdotal of course, but the signs were up in Somerset County in July while I was reporting on the anniversary of a near-fatal mine disaster, and in August in Bradford and Sullivan Counties where I reported on troubles with rural internet coverage.He did send a picture he took Wednesday around 2 p.m. “Most democrats in the area lay pretty low,” he wrote.The Criminal Repository Information below is a suggestion of what a criminal records check may retrieve in connection with Ohio Arrest Records.I saw them Sunday across from an antique barn in Schuylkill County while logging miles from one interview to another.But based on a recent Reuters/Ipsos daily tracking poll, maybe those people just haven’t gotten around to taking down their Trump signs yet.

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