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Meanwhile the Democratic base, particularly the women and people of color who make up the vast majority of it, realize that the Resistance is futile and they withdraw back into private life hoping wanly that Robert Mueller may come up with something because that's all they have --- knowing that their horror at the prospect of this racist, misogynist, monster being validated over and over again is irrelevant to the Democratic party. They don't have to give Trump his Big Bipartisan Win in order to appeal to some white working class men who will never vote for them anyway.

White working class men and the women who love them are the only people who matter in this country. In fact, it will simply push them more deeply into Donald Trump's faux populist Republican party.

They pass a big bill and Trump gets his victory lap replete with a huge bipartisan celebration on the white house steps.

The media sees this as Trump's Big Pivot, he learned from his mistakes in the first term, he is now the big hearted populist he always said he was, his base is thrilled to see that he's finally being celebrated as the Great President they knew he would be and they come out in droves in 2018 to thank the Republicans for their service. As I have written before, the only bipartisan deals the Democrats need to make are those that are on their own terms.

Now, signs are emerging Republicans could be handicapped in 2018 by women shifting away from the GOP.

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In this #Metoo moment, one hopes that the Democratic party understands the significance of this shift and does not follow the lead of the media and treat the white working class male as the only voter that matters.

I'm not sure why we seem to be obsessed with this faction but if the Democrats fail to embrace their base of people of color and this new shift of college educated women in order to prove their hardscrabble, rural, white, blue collar bonafides, it will be a huge error. Trump is out saying that he's going to pass a big infrastructure bill with the help of Democrats who will be grateful to work with him on something they both want.

Hopefully, my fears about impending capitulation to Trump are overblown.

I admit that I'm probably scarred by decades of Democratic sellouts. Midterms are referendums for the party in power and we must keep in mind that 90% of the base of the Democratic party is overwhelmingly hostile to Donald Trump and what he and his party represent.

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