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It transpired the youngster had been groomed by Sam Hewings, 24, who had discussed kidnapping, sedating and raping a victim on online forums and planned to abduct her after she was dropped off.Satbir Arora (pictured) had picked up the 13-year-old girl from Bicester in Oxfordshire but became suspicious about the details of her trip.You did nothing wrong."—Lizzie, 27 "I was sexually assaulted when I was 13 by one of my classmates who was also a good friend of mine.Ever since then, I haven't been comfortable with conversations about sex or anything related.Scheduling flights during sleep times, getting babies their own ticket so they can sleep in their car seat, and bringing a goody bag of new books, toys, and favorite snacks to keep babies occupied while they're awake, for example, can make a big difference.Note: The following stories contain sometimes graphic descriptions of sexual assault, as well as mentions of self-harm and suicide. It will soon be the 10-year anniversary of when I was raped at 17 by my then-boyfriend and his best friend. I have sought countless advice from therapists, meditation experts, doctors, blogs, and rape counselors. I will not forget what happened to me, but it is part of my life and I am learning to have a positive relationship with it.Ultimately I decided that any potential conveniences were not worth the possible health risks, however rare they may be.

Online chat logs presented to Gloucester Crown Court revealed Hewings had discussed kidnapping, sedating and raping a victim.

He had received safeguarding training from the council just months before the incident (December 2016). Because of the cases we read about on the safeguarding course I was able to recognise the signs and quickly spot that it was a grooming case.'Mr Arora has also had praise heaped on him by Gloucestershire Police, who said his actions almost certainly prevented the girl coming to serious harm.

Detective Constable Ian Bennett said: 'I cannot praise the taxi driver enough for his actions in this case.

Aware that the girl was not being truthful about the reasons for her journey, he asked her to speak to his wife.

She established that her parents were unaware of her plans and called the police.

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