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Those interactions can cascade into conversations about what executives have experienced in their businesses and challenges that they are facing.And then we come into the classroom and we get to take it to another level, where we're bringing together all of the different perspectives from all of the different groups.Second, we have been painstaking in our selection of the faculty who will teach in this program.Each faculty member on the teaching team is an expert in a complementary field, and the program draws upon cutting-edge ideas and field examples from their research.Moreover, through workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions with faculty who are experts in their fields, participants will discover gaps in the design and execution of the service businesses they lead, and leave with roadmaps for how to transform and revitalize those businesses.Our goal each day is for participants to walk away with practical ideas that can be put to work in their own organizations to make an immediate impact on performance—for employees, customers, and owners alike.As the argument escalated, Buell reportedly scratched the man’s face.

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Below, he explains why today's economy demands a new approach to designing and delivering service offerings, and how this program empowers senior managers to build innovative and competitive service businesses.The faculty in this program bring deep expertise to facilitating conversations and helping participants make connections with one another.At any given point, there will be someone in the room who has faced a similar challenge to another person.Meanwhile, my colleagues and I can contribute our deep knowledge from the research that we have done and from the companies that we have worked with.But there is no substitute for having participants who have been through similar challenges share their experiences. I couldn't be prouder of the teaching team we've assembled for this program.

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