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Have you wondered why everyone else seems to be in a successful partnership and question if there is something flawed or inherently wrong with you?

Perhaps you are a successful woman who seems to only attract men who are disorganized, flaky or unstable.

Would you like to develop the self-awareness, insight and perspective needed to feel healthy and whole as you create a fulfilling relationship?

You may be angry that life is treating you unfairly when you feel that you have something good to offer and that no one sees or values it.

And, while you may want to—and it can be easy to—blame LA’s dating scene for your unluckiness in love, struggles with dating often stem from issues deeper than city limits.

Most of us learn how to be in an intimate relationship from what we saw modeled while growing up.

Through the dating coaching and counseling process, you can uncover the internal conflicts that are keeping you disconnected from creating a meaningful and sustainable partnership.

In practical, understanding dating counseling sessions, I can help you look at your relationship fears and fantasies.

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