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No, in an appropriately star-making turn, Pine oozed a cocky, breezy arrogance that befitted both the alpha-male character of Captain Kirk, adventurer and lady’s man, and an actor facing the challenge of playing an iconic character so closely associated with the actor who made him famous that the two are interchangeable in the public mind.

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Year: 2007 Streaming on: Netflix Absolute Beginner: Chris Pine When he boldly went where William Shatner had gone before (repeatedly, and with varying degrees of success) in J.Adding spice is Jessica's panic that anyone will find out about her new dating partner.Anyone like Josh (Scott Cohen), her boss and former boyfriend. Or especially her mother, who brings single IBM executives to dinner as if they are the Missing not that film, however, and takes forever to get to a climactic, historic and paradigm-shifting blind taste test between the European wine-making establishment and American upstarts (led by Pine), who were treated with a level of contempt and derision generally reserved for James Belushi, getting waylaid by all sorts of dreary subplots begging to be left on the cutting room table.There’s a non-starting love-triangle between Pine, the aforementioned sexy intern and a passionate, rebellious employee of the family winery played by Freddy Rodriguez, but the biggest and most deadly waste of time is devoted to Pine’s brash young man clashing with his overly proud papa and the patriarch of the family, a stubborn mule of a man played with constipated self-importance by Bill Pullman. It abounds in pretentious monologues about the spiritual as well physical properties of wine, and the sacred nature of the art and craft and the vintners’ profound connection to the land that produces the tools of their sacred trade.

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