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The “bible for atheists”, as Dov Charney, the founder and CEO of American Apparel, has described it, has been embraced by rappers, movie moguls, captains of industry and criminals alike.

“Everyone assumes I practise all of my own laws but I don’t.

I think anybody who did would be a horrible ugly person to be around,” laughs Greene, who has just written a new book called Mastery, a sort of self-help book on how to fulfil your own intrinsic potential.

“My favourite one was a magazine headline that called it ‘Chicken soup for the soulless’.

It’s not a manual on how to be as creepy as possible, it’s a book about what’s going on in the real world.” But does he ever worry that he is making the world a worse place? “That’s a cat’s paw,” he says, referring to my question. Evil or manipulative people don’t need a book, they just do it anyway.

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