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The Miracle River is [was] broadcast at 3.30pm on Saturday 29 June, 2002 on BBC Radio 4 URL which details the efforts to trace River Sarasvati is at: a privilege it is to be part of this endeavor, unparalleled in the history of human civilization, as a 1600 km.

long river which got desiccated about 4000 years ago comes alive to enable the present and future generations to recollect memories of Vedic cultural heritage, which is world heritage.

Giant drilling rigs probe deep into the dry, arid earth pulling out undisturbed layers of soil and sediment for scientists to study and test.

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But that mystery could be set to be dispelled forever, as startling scientific evidence has come to light.

They are working with India's leading water experts who are using the satellite images as clues.

Scientists hope to find water under the desert Deep in the western Rajasthan desert, not far from the security- conscious border with Pakistan, an extraordinary programme is underway.

Vast and awesome, the Saraswati's holy waters are supposed to have flowed from the Himalayas into the sea, nourishing the land along the way.

But as the centuries passed and no one could find it, myth, belief and religion came together and the Saraswati passed into the realm of folklore.

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