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It includes bug fixes, performance improvements, and well wishes.

I think someone is talking to me through IM and it’s just that someone liked a post that isn’t even mine or it’s 99 notifications in the app through the messaging system icon but it’s actually just all of the activity I’m being notified of that I don’t care about.

Ban User: The Ban/Block user icon prompts the admin and moderators to ban a user in real-time and set the amount of time they will be banned for.

Some webmasters like to give uneducated users a quick 5 minute timeout as a warning, while some admins do not have the time to deal with some people and must instantly ban them for 5 or 10 years.

Yahoo said they wouldn't spam us with ads but they did anyway.

Finally updated the app and it would be nice that the activity log be the first thing I see instead of my messages.

I’ve only seen that one other person has been having this issue that I know of so I don’t know how the update messed it up so that only some people’s app does this and for others it’s fine but it’s so frustrating and annoying.

This feature will help inform and engage your entire community and is the ultimate compliment for your chatbox and chat room for website.

Well, Chatwing has several proprietary algorthims running in the background to properly take into account how relevant this message is and if it should be deleted.

Yes, the number of different users flagging a message certainly plays a role but it is not the only relevant indicator Chatwing algorithms use, the type of user flagging along with over 75 other indicators always factor in to actions on a flagged message.

First it was not being able to see any content because EVERYTHING was flanged as NSFW and hidden - even completely unrelated posts that had no nudity, sex, implying themes, etc!

I have had so many posts on a NINTENDO blog blocked for being NSFW - and when I attempted to reach Staff about this, I was promptly ignored. Then there was the issue of tumblr NEVER uploading your photos, which is still prolific, I might add, but only telling you after you had spent the time writing the captions and adding the tags, which means all your work is gone. five times in rapid succession to flood your blog, typically with all of your commentary removed.

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