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A Harrods salesclerk gave me directions: “Downstairs, to the right, through the shoe department.” The memorial consists of side-by-side color photos of Dodi and Diana, framed by golden interlocking *D’*s and sculpted albatross.

Set in an acrylic pyramid in front of the photographs is the famous and controversial “engagement ring” that Dodi bought Diana the day before their deaths, along with a smudged wineglass—preserved, as the inscription notes, “in the exact condition it was left on the couple’s last evening together at the Imperial Suite at the Hotel Ritz in Paris.”Mohamed Al Fayed has attempted to preserve a similarly lasting impression of his version of the relationship between Diana and his late son.

Mohamed, a self-styled enemy of the British establishment, has long maintained that Dodi was murdered by the British secret service, as part of a conspiracy involving members of the royal family, because he was a Muslim about to marry the mother of a future King of England.

Al Fayed’s insistence on this plot outline—and on the allegation that Diana was pregnant when she died—has been so zealous that in 2008, more than 10 years after the fact, it engulfed what would otherwise have been a bureaucratic and largely pro forma coroner’s inquest into the deaths of Diana and Dodi.

Starting in 1995, news photographers and paparazzi caught Diana’s many trips to the Royal Brompton Hospital, where Dr. Asked about the visits, Diana spoke of the terminally ill patients she sought to comfort there.

In recent months I have sought out the people who knew Diana and Hasnat when they were together.

”We all have our own traumas and get on with it - but when it's there in your face year in, year out, it's hard,” he told the Sun.

Khan is in good company with critics for the British tabloids, most of whom gave the movie an emphatic thumbs down.

In a city of monuments, it is one of the newest, put up in the aftermath of the August 31, 1997, car crash that took Diana’s and Dodi’s lives.Among the deluge of harsh reviews of Naomi Watts’ Princess Diana biopic is the most scathing of all - from the late Princess of Wales’ long-time lover. Hasnat Khan, the now 54-year-old cardiologist whose secret romance with the famous philanthropist is the basis for the movie, “Diana,” told Britain’s The Sun that the film is a “betrayal” of the couple’s love.“I can see a lot of humor in a lot of bad things, but in this one I can't,” Khan told The Sun.He has given occasional interviews to British tabloids but, according to a friend of his who agreed to talk to me on his behalf, regretted them all for the headlines that resulted, like this one from the in 2002: POOR HASNAT IS LOCKED IN GRIEF. Hasnat’s most significant disclosures came in 2008, when the British inquest looking into Diana’s death required his testimony, and even then Hasnat elected to stay in Pakistan and instead offered the inquest his responses from his official interview with the British police, in 2004, as their own investigation got under way.The contents of this interview had never before been made public.

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