The combined methods were not tested for published data since matric potentials for measured values were unknown.

These tests can be costly due to expensive equipment and the long period of time they require.


In order to obtain the general geotechnical profile, Casagrande piezometers were installed and static cone penetration tests, vane tests and CIU triaxial tests and oedometer tests at different depths were carried out.It is useful to know the range of expected values depending on the type of soil being analyzed.For example, in samples with natural moisture content at the liquid limit (liquidity index of 1), preconsolidation ranges between about 0.1 and 0.8 tsf, depending on soil sensitivity (defined as the ratio of undisturbed peak undrained shear strength to totally remolded undrained shear strength). used this method to calculate the preconsolidation pressure of 139 undisturbed soil samples to generate preconsolidation pressure maps of the Vega Baja of the Segura (Spain).Each sample must be undisturbed and can only undergo one test with satisfactory results.This point is within the range of probable preconsolidation pressures.

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