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The result “makes for our best season premiere in the show’s history,” Barris promises. : Bow will have a run-in with postpartum depression, another experience that closely mirrors what happened in Barris’ home.

“I’m going to be honest: I was terrified,” he says; Dre will have a similar reaction.

The hour picks up with a “very haunting and gut-wrenching” teaser before flashing forward a couple months to reveal the “really strong emotional ramifications” of the incident.

Elsewhere in Season 6, the arrival of Sylvie’s friend Hope (‘s Eloise Mumford) causes disruption in the firehouse. : Like Casey and Severide before her, Gabby will face a dire situation during her off-time when there’s an underground parking garage collapse in Episode 4.

“It’s a disconnect with someone you’re used to being your rock and there for you in a really big way.” RETURN DATE: Tuesday, Oct. Kaplan’s suicide, Red will be left to rebuild the empire that his onetime confidant had dismantled.

27 at 8/7c (NBC) Showrunner Derek Haas isn’t spilling who survives last May’s fiery cliffhanger, but he does warn that viewers “might need some tissues” during the season opener.“She’s a bad influence on pretty much anyone who comes into her orbit,” says Haas, adding that Hope will set her sights on one of Firehouse 51’s men, which “may not rub everyone the right way.” Plus: Boden doesn’t hold back when there’s a fire at Donna’s school; Sylvie and Antonio reignite their romance; and someone gets laid… “It’s Hitchcockian sort of situation where you have a bunch of different personalities and different levels of panic happening, and Gabby having to navigate all of them,” Haas previews. 28 at 10/9c (NBC) The NBC drama will bring real-world Chicago into Season 5 with stories about racial tension, terrorist activity, immigration and police reform.That means Voight’s job “just got harder,” executive producer Rick Eid previews. “Oliver is going to be in some hot water, in a way we haven’t seen before, and Samandra Watson is going to be spearheading that cause,” says co-showrunner Wendy Mericle.“She’s going to get very close to the truth about what Oliver has been up to.” Among the confirmed survivors, Dinah’s new Black Canary costume brings with it a new swagger, while Slade will invite Oliver to make good on his Lian Yu promise.

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    Another form of energy, "huon energy", is found in the heart of the TARDIS and (apart from the activities of the Torchwood Institute) nowhere else in the universe ("The Runaway Bride", 2006).

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    Exchanging handwritten vows in front of over 100 guests, Carter, who wore a custom tux by Anthony Franco Designs, and Kitt, in a strapless gown, kissed several times after being pronounced husband and wife.