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We also strongly condemn the use of violence in confronting speech, even speech we might find abhorrent or counter to the values of our community.” As of publication time, a petition calling for Felarca to be fired had garnered more than 5,700 signatures, up from 4,000 about 24 hours earlier.In October, Felarca filed a civil rights lawsuit against the district saying BUSD had interrogated her students, removed her from a staff meeting, and threatened to withhold funding, for longstanding programs, from colleagues who expressed support for her.Felarca described the district’s actions as retaliatory and said they caused her to suffer “panic attacks, repressed appetite, weight loss, dizziness, and increased emotional distress resulting from attacks by Defendants in this case.” According to her complaint, BUSD’s actions “send a clear and dangerous message to BUSD teachers, staff, students, and parents that they will be witch-hunted and driven out of BUSD if they choose to act against racism and injustice and exercise their rights on their own time.” Felarca has asked for a jury trial, a return of wages taken from her bank account, and compensatory and punitive damages “in an amount according to proof and which is fair, just, and reasonable.” The lawsuit is set to return to court in March.Not even a year later, that thought has become a reality.The Berkeley middle school teacher who made headlines this week after going on Fox News to defend the role of violent protest in shutting down “racist, misogynistic and homophobic” messages is asking her supporters to push back against the outpouring of calls that have come into the school district to have her fired.

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