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There are two separately defined types of panic attacks depending on just this factor: Approximately one-third of people with panic disorder will also develop agoraphobia.

People with agoraphobia are afraid that they will have some anxiety symptoms or a full-blown panic attack in a place where it would be very challenging or embarrassing for them to flee.

Panic attacks, as part of panic disorder, include four or more of the following symptoms: The symptoms of panic attacks typically occur spontaneously and peak within the first 10 minutes before gradually subsiding.

However, these symptoms have the potential to last longer.

This fear may limit them from standing in line at a store, going to a movie theater, or traveling on an airplane.

Other commonly feared situations for people with agoraphobia include forms of travel, being alone, and open spaces.

Additionally, numerous panic attacks can occur one after the other, making it difficult to fully recognize when one attack has ended and another one has began.

The diagnostic criteria for panic attacks are outlined in the manual.People sheltered in shops and restaurants while police investigated the scene, but after extensive searches no evidence could be found and the station reopened.Now the initial panic has been traced back to an 'altercation' on a platform at the station – and police are hunting two people they think may have been involved.Below we will discuss panic attacks which are the main feature of panic disorder.Panic disorder may occur with or without agoraphobia, and the symptoms of agoraphobia will also be discussed.

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